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Switzerland’s 7 Natural Wonders to Take Your Breath Away

1. The Matterhorn

The most stunningly beautiful mountain in the world draws gasps when seen from the valley floor in Zermatt. Trains and trams take admirers into a glacial paradise for a closer view.

Matterhorn at Dusk Zermatt

2. Trümmelbach Falls

The 20,000 tons of rocks and rubble from the Eiger Glacier that are carried through this gorge every year have carved a 10-tiered underground system of pounding waterfalls. Tunnels, platforms, and an ingenious funicular allow visitors to go right inside the mountain and stand within a few feet of the 20,000 liter-per-second flow of icy water.

Trummelbach Falls

3. The North Face of the Eiger

Considered unclimbable until the legendary first ascent in 1938, this mile-high wall of rock and ice has claimed the lives of 64 climbers. The historic Jungfrau railway tunnels through the Eiger to give visitors views from galleries on both sides of the mountain before arriving at the 10,332 foot saddle.

North Face of the Eiger

4. Moiry Icefall

The steep descent of the Moiry Glacier creates the glacial equivalent of a waterfall as immense blocks of ice (seracs) jumble their way down the mountain. Located at the top of the Val d’Anniviers above the town of Grimentz. Easily accessed by bus during the summer

Moiry Glacier

5. Oeschinensee

This deep-blue jewel of an alpine lake is made more dramatically beautiful by the steep-sided walls that rise above it. Locals tout Öeschinensee as the most beautiful in the Alps—and we agree. Just a 20-minute walk from the top of the Kandersteg lift.


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